The Gottman ‘Bringing Baby Home’ Program was developed through 16 separate studies on new parents bringing their first baby home!

It has been supporting couples for nearly 20 years in over 15 countries world wide!

A staggering 67% of all couples experiencing the transition to parenthood will see the first signs of relationship unhappiness at the 6-month stage of bringing a baby home for women, and the 9-month stage for men! This is so hard to comprehend, when that time of your life should be filled with wonder, happiness & hope – not conflict, despair & disintegration!

But luckily for us, Dr John Gottman from the Gottman Institute has studied countless couples from the inception of their relationship, through to conception of their first baby, & continued through the entire transition to parenthood, & what he found was not only the clear markers for this relationship decline, but more importantly, some clear solutions.
Using the strategies in this ‘Bringing Baby Home’ video program, you will have a positive outlook to reversing the above trends, and not only fall in love – but STAY in love with your partner.

Video 1 Overview – Fun-filled introduction & overview

–  What happens to relationships when bringing a baby home?
–  How your relationship as a couple can affect baby’s development?
–  How you can be in the top 33% of relationship MASTERS?

Video 2 Overview – How well do you REALLY know each other?

–  How to stay interested in each other when baby always wants centre stage?
–  Learn how to ask more than ‘yes – no’ questions of each other
–  Learn how read baby’s non verbal cues

Video 3 Overview – The major DO’s & DON’Ts  of a relationship!

–  Showing fondness & admiration to each other everyday
–  What are the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse & how do they predict divorce with 94% accuracy
–  Learn how to eliminate Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt & Stonewalling

Video 4 Overview – The EMOTIONAL BANK ACCOUNT!

– What is a bid for attention & affection and why are they SO important to respond to??
– Learn when your baby is making a bid for attention or affection
–  What is an ‘over-stimulated baby’ & how can you fix it?

Video 5 Overview – APPRECIATION & why we want it so badly!

–  How to make sure you do not take your partner for granted
–  Learn how to express appreciation naturally
–  Discover how to play with your baby in a collaborative way, not a competitive way

Video 6 Overview – A MOST important 20 minutes of the day!

–  What is a Stress Reducing Conversation?
–  When to listen and when to give advice
–  Why this can save marriages?

Video 7 Overview – FEELING FLOODED!

–  What happens when we become overwhelmed with our emotions?
–  Is it OK to fight and argue in front of your baby?
–  What are the effects of a troubled relationship on your baby?

Video 8 Overview – Problem Solving (Part 1)

–  Is conflict normal?
–  What are the warning signs of a relationship meltdown?
–  Can you solve EVERY problem in your relationship?

Video 9 Overview – Problem Solving (Part 2)

–  What are the 4 steps to solving a problem in your relationship?
–  Is there really 2 sides to every story?
–  How the first 30 seconds of an discussion can determine the outcome

Video 10 Overview – The MOTHER / FATHER roles!

–  How do you want to be the same OR different from your own parents?
–  What kind of parent do YOU want to be to your baby?
–  What rituals would you each like to bring to the table from your own upbringing?

Video 11 Overview – The BABY BLUES and BEYOND!

–  How to arm yourselves against the baby blues!
–  The difference between the baby blues & post-partum disorder
–  The STILL FACE experiment!

Video 12 Overview – Truly connecting with your baby!

–  Is the Parent / Child connection naturally occurring?
–  Factors that affect how you connect with your baby
–  What is emotion coaching and how will it help your baby?

Video 13 Overview – SEX & INTIMACY!!!

–  What do women think about sex AFTER having a baby?
–  What do men think about sex AFTER having a baby?
–  How can we meet in the middle & save the relationship?

Video 14 Overview – How to create a SHARED MEANING?

–  What are your family values?
–  What if they differ from your partners?
–  Which ones do you incorporate into YOUR family?
Each video chapter has been designed in a ‘bite-sized’ chunk for you both to watch together and then you stop the video to do a fun exercise to reinforce the message.
You will learn more about each other during this time which will truly strengthen your friendship and relationship during this time while you transition to parenthood.

Learn to be a 33% MASTER instead of a 67% DISASTER!!!