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Kylie-Jo is a Certified Gottman Educator who is accredited to teach both the 'Bringing Baby Home' program and the '7 Principles for Making Marriage Work'. With a passion for sharing her knowledge in making strong relationships even stronger, she developed the video program of the same workshops, so that couples can grow together in their own home, at their own pace & in their own time. She has over 20 years of coaching experience, and also holds a Cert IV in Training & Assessment.

Baby Makes Three

The harsh reality that having a baby has on your relationship is often a cruel blow to new parents who are simply unprepared for the minefield of changes that happen once you bring bub home.  And the ‘new family bliss’ seems to take a back seat while you learn to navigate the negative consequences of [...]

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Strong marriage after having kids

Falling in love with your new baby will be one of the strongest emotions you will ever experience. But putting your own relationship on the back burner whilst in this euphoric transition is something too many couples accept as ‘normal’. The good news is – we don’t have to choose one relationship over the other. [...]

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Staying close after having a baby

As the old saying goes, there is 3 sides to every story. And once you become new parents for the first time, your entire relationship ‘story’ is re written, and it is often in a language that neither partner is familiar with nor do they understand. With circumstances in your life changing at breakneck speed, [...]

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