5 ways to get more zzz’s once bub comes home!

It’s no surprise to anyone.  When you bring a baby home, you KNOW you are going to lose that precious commodity we all took for granted -  SLEEP! In fact, research tells us that within the first year of bringing baby home, the average couple loses: 2 hours sleep per night 14 hours a week [...]

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6 simple solutions to beat the blues! By K-J Elliott

Many brand-new mums feel perplexed and confused about struggling with this intense feeling of sadness after the joyous event of having a baby and often don’t talk about it... to anyone. A topic that used to be taboo for fear of judgement, the ‘baby blues’ is now so common – experiencing it is now considered [...]

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Routine ruins relationships! By K-J Elliott

It’s all sunshine and rainbows when you first start dating.  You both make a massive EFFORT to ensure you show genuine interest in your new partner, and that you in turn are interesting to them.  You spend time ‘getting ready’ when you know you are going to see each other.  Shave your legs and underarms, [...]

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