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The reality that having a baby has on your relationship.

For a couple, having a baby is considered a time of pure joy and discovery,                                               but it can also be a time of uncharted challenges.  When you have your 1st baby, you go [...]

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The transition to PARENTHOOD.

At the very beginning of my ‘Bringing Baby Home’ Workshop, I always ask my couples the mandatory ‘transition to parenthood’ questions. What words would you use to describe the transition to parenthood? What physical changes are typically experienced? What psychological changes are typically experienced? For many couples, this is usually the first time they really [...]

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Your PRE-BABY checklist!

When couples decide to go from being a ‘we’ to becoming a ‘three’, they begin the veritable checklist to get everything ready for the baby’s arrival with anything from prams to pacifiers, monitors to mobiles & baths to bottles.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Then they go about diligently ticking off [...]

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Bringing Baby Home – The Video Program for strong relationships!

It doesn’t matter how strong, or in love you guys are as a couple, every single relationship changes when bringing a baby home.  Some of these changes are happy & positive and will bring you even closer together than you ever thought imaginable.  Yet other changes are a little more challenging to deal with.  Tiredness, [...]

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3 tips for a happy relationship once you bring baby home.

Bringing a new baby home will be one of the most exciting, exhilarating and exceptional experiences that will happen in your life – both as an individual … and as a couple. It will also be one of the most exhausting and exasperating events that will challenge your beliefs, values and wait for it … [...]

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Why do we need to keep asking our partner questions? By K-J Elliott

What is your partners’ favourite meal?  Or their favourite TV show?  Maybe these are easy questions to answer, but what if we delve a little deeper and ask if you know what your partners greatest fear is?  Or their greatest ambition? When we start dating, we are constantly ‘getting to know’ our prospective partner by [...]

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5 ways to get more zzz’s once bub comes home!

It’s no surprise to anyone.  When you bring a baby home, you KNOW you are going to lose that precious commodity we all took for granted -  SLEEP! In fact, research tells us that within the first year of bringing baby home, the average couple loses: 2 hours sleep per night 14 hours a week [...]

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6 simple solutions to beat the blues! By K-J Elliott

Many brand-new mums feel perplexed and confused about struggling with this intense feeling of sadness after the joyous event of having a baby and often don’t talk about it... to anyone. A topic that used to be taboo for fear of judgement, the ‘baby blues’ is now so common – experiencing it is now considered [...]

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Routine ruins relationships! By K-J Elliott

It’s all sunshine and rainbows when you first start dating.  You both make a massive EFFORT to ensure you show genuine interest in your new partner, and that you in turn are interesting to them.  You spend time ‘getting ready’ when you know you are going to see each other.  Shave your legs and underarms, [...]

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The half hour conversation that could save your marriage!

Just because you have recently had a baby, doesn’t mean that the universe gives you a break and puts a hold on all the external stresses that happen as a part of everyday life!  In fact, all the same stresses are still there once you become parents, but the problem is, once you have a [...]

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