Routine ruins relationships! By K-J Elliott

It’s all sunshine and rainbows when you first start dating.  You both make a massive EFFORT to ensure you show genuine interest in your new partner, and that you in turn are interesting to them.  [...]

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The half hour conversation that could save your marriage!

Just because you have recently had a baby, doesn’t mean that the universe gives you a break and puts a hold on all the external stresses that happen as a part of everyday life!  In [...]

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7 in 10 couples happiness effected once bub comes home.

It is now common knowledge that for most couples having their first baby, we accept that the relationship changes significantly, with 7 in 10 couples finding a precipitous drop in their overall happiness once bub [...]

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How do you protect your relationship once you bring baby home?

You are pregnant!     Congratulations -  now the PLANNING begins. From now on, you are going to spend every waking moment researching the best doctors to consult with, hospitals to go to, anti-natal classes to attend  [...]

By | January 27th, 2017|Categories: Relationship After Baby|126 Comments

Does having a baby change a relationship?

Does having a baby change a relationship?  Let me count the ways!!!  This is half ‘tongue in cheek’ – half ‘serious’ list that explores the good, bad and the ugly changes that may (or may [...]

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5 ways to get more sleep once baby comes home!

5 ways to get more zzz's once bub comes home! It’s no surprise to anyone.  When you bring a baby home, you KNOW you are going to lose that precious commodity we all took for [...]

By | January 13th, 2017|Categories: Relationship After Baby|277 Comments


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