Why are many relationships with new babies a high separation risk?

A staggering 67% of all couples experiencing the transition to parenthood will see the first signs of relationship unhappiness at the 6-month stage of bringing a baby home for women, and the 9-month stage for men! This is so hard to comprehend, when that time of your life should be filled with wonder, happiness & [...]

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The reality that having a baby has on your relationship.

For a couple, having a baby is considered a time of pure joy and discovery,                                               but it can also be a time of uncharted challenges.  When you have your 1st baby, you go [...]

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The transition to PARENTHOOD.

At the very beginning of my ‘Bringing Baby Home’ Workshop, I always ask my couples the mandatory ‘transition to parenthood’ questions. What words would you use to describe the transition to parenthood? What physical changes are typically experienced? What psychological changes are typically experienced? For many couples, this is usually the first time they really [...]

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