Knowing your partner intimately is much more than asking questions when you first meet, and then assuming you know everything once you get those first round of answers.  These insights to your partner are constantly changing & it is your job to keep abreast of these true thoughts and feelings of this person that you love the most.

We call them LOVE MAPS as they are a road map to your partners inner world.

And they are needed no time more than when you have a baby, as this is the time where the sole focus of your reality seems to revolve around this new little baby, and your partners existence seems to fade in the background (at least for the next 10 – 20 years).

Ask yourself the next 20 questions.  If yu get a score of 15 or above, your LOVE MAPS are pretty up to date.  Well done.  Between 10 & 14 and you are doing a pretty good job!  Below 10 – and our suggestion would be to look at our ‘Bringing Baby Home Video Program’ as this could really help you guys reconnect in a way you never thought possible.

Good Luck.


  1. I can name my partners best friend     T or F
  2. I can tell you what things are stressing my partner right now      T or F
  3. I can tell you the names of the people that are annoying my partner right now     T or F
  4. I can tell you my partners current life dreams & goals     T or F
  5. I am familiar with my partners religious & spiritual beliefs       T or F
  6. I can tell you my partners basic philosophy on life      T or F
  7. I can tell you my partners favorite childhood friend       T or F
  8. I can tell you my partners favorite relatives        T or F
  9. I can tell you my partners least favorite relatives & why       T or F
  10. I know my partners favorite way to relax       T or F
  11. I know what my partners favorite ever holiday was & why     T or F
  12. I know my partners ideal holiday now        T or F
  13. I can tell you what my partners biggest fears are    T or F
  14. My partner can tell what my biggest stresses are     T or F
  15. I can tell you what my partners most stressful event was as a child      T or F
  16. I know my partners major worries at this time      T or F
  17. I know exactly what my partner would do if we won the lottery     T or F
  18. My partner knows my major fears right now        T or F
  19. My partner knows my saddest memories         T or F
  20. I know what my partner needs to feel loved      T or F

Remember – these are only the beginning.  To truly know your partner is more than the questions you asked to get to know them.  It’s the questions you continually ask because you truly care!