Welcome to the most PRO-ACTIVE new parent program for couples either expecting or with a new baby!

Bringing a new baby home will be one of the most exciting, exhilarating and exceptional experiences that will happen in your life, both as an individual and as a couple.

It will also be one of the most exhausting and exasperating events that will challenge your beliefs, values and wait for it …


Not surprisingly, 69% of new parents’ experience conflict, disappointment and stress when bringing a baby home.

With over 45 years of research, the ‘Bringing Baby Home’ program was designed by the Gottman Institute, to prepare proactive couples for what to expect with these changes – both good & challenging – and help create strong relationships that truly last a lifetime.  It also focuses on the fundamentals of your baby’s development, to ensure you give your bub the greatest inroads to its social, emotional and cognitive development.


For $197 AUD, you get the fourteen downloadable videos that you will watch together as a couple – in your home and at your pace and the Official Gottman Workbook & Card-deck

Buy Now – $197 AUD

You also receive – the official Gottman workbook & card-deck

You will also receive via post, the Official Gottman Workbook & Card Deck. 

The workbook features over 250 pages of in-depth information, insights, examples and exercises that will help new parents learn to:

  • Keep your relationship happy & growing after having a baby
    • Reduce relationship fighting & arguing and increase affection & intimacy
    • Promote positive parent-baby interactions
    • Encourage equal & quality involvement for both parents
    • Reduce the incidence or severity of baby blues & postpartum mood disorders

The Bringing Baby Home Card Decks include:

  • Love Maps
  • Love Maps for Couples with Kids
  • Open-Ended Questions
  • Father Cards
  • Softened Start-Up and Expressing Needs

These official resources are designed to be used in conjunction with the videos, and to learn the strategies and skills to make a successful transition to parenthood.

For $197AUD, you get the fourteen downloadable videos that you will watch together as a couple – in your home and at your pace and the Official Gottman Workbook & Card-deck

Buy Now – $197 AUD

As a result of doing this workshop, you will learn how to

  • Strengthen your relationship

  • Effectively manage conflict & stress

  • Learn the ‘5:1 Rule’ of appreciation, the ‘6 second kiss’ & the ‘20 second hug’!

  • How to keep intimacy alive – when sex is probably off the table for a short time

  • Recognize & respond to ‘baby blues’ & ‘post-partum depression’

  • Meet the emotional & psychological needs of your baby

  • Discover what your baby’s facial cues are trying to tell you

  • Develop ways to play with baby that focuses on his needs – & not yours

  • Learn how to keep the both of you equally involved in parenting

  •  and so much more….

The Gottman Institute is the world-renowned authority on relationship health. Their approach has been developed from over 40 years of research.

The Reality

7 out of 10 relationships will suffer when bringing your 1st baby home – Relationship Research Institute

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The Research

The Gottman inspired ‘Bringing Baby Home’ Video Workshop for Couples.

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The Solution

The GREATEST GIFT you can give your baby is a strong relationship between the 2 of you!.

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The entire program and support materials cost LESS than a baby car seat that you wouldn’t think twice about buying, because it is designed to keep your baby safe.


Buy Now – $197 AUD

See what other’s have had to say about the “Bringing Baby Home Program”

“This was essential to do before our bub was born. What we gained will stay with us for the rest of our lives. “

Love the in-home flexibility and privacy. Meant we could talk more openly during the exercises which by the way were fun and we learnt a lot from them. I would recommend this program to any new parents and parents to be.


The ‘Bringing baby home’ online program provides an enjoyable and practical approach to maintaining your relationship after having a baby.

The concepts covered by the program really resonated and we had a lot of fun undertaking the activities. K-J offered excellent support and worked with us to ensure the program met our needs and was cost-effective.

The best part about doing ‘Bringing baby home’ though was that the birth of our first son brought my partner and I closer than ever. I’m recommending it to all my pregnant friends – it’s a must do!


Kylie’s enthusiasm and passion throughout encouraged us to be motivated and excited about what was being taught.
The material is all researched based and therefore credible which is reassuring.

Practical & useful advice that actually works when applied.
Thanks so much Kylie, we really gained a lot from our sessions and will make a conscious effort to include as part of our everyday life.

You are a fantastic facilitator and hope you are able to enrich many other couples with this very valuable program.


D & D

We didn’t even know this program existed but are so glad we found it. After we did some research, we realised this was essential to do before our bub was born. What we gained will stay with us for the rest of our lives, and we feel confident that we have given our baby the best start in life by being the best couple we can be.
Thanks so much.

P & M

Bringing Baby Home Video Program & The Official Gottman Workbook & Card-deck for $197 AUD

Buy Now for $197 AUD