For a couple, having a baby is considered a time of pure joy and discovery, but it can also be a time of chartered challenges.

When you have your 1st baby, you go from being each other’s world, to another little person becoming the total centre of your universe.
And no matter how strong your relationship is before having a baby, the transition to parenthood does change the dynamic of EVERY couple.

Some of these changes are wonderful and welcome, yet other changes can be a little difficult to navigate as you battle hormones, lack of sleep, routine changes, diet and exercise disruptions, crying babies, endless housework and more. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


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This is called ‘The Transition to Parenthood’.

Here are just a few changes that affect every relationship when bringing a new baby home for the first time.

  • Change is inevitable – no matter how strong you are as a couple.
  • Your partner will not be your number 1 anymore
  • Sex will be off the table for a while  (and off every other household surface as well)
  • You will start keeping track of who has done how many nappy changes. And saving the information for your next argument
  • You will probably never sleep in again
  • Your total conversation repertoire will consist of only ONE topic – your baby!
  • The division of household chores can become the beginning of  WW3
  • Your past ‘date nights’ have turned into ‘don’t nights’

Yet the good news is, research tells us that 33% of couples embrace their new reality and anticipate these challenges – and more – with relative ease!

They follow in the footsteps of past relationship ‘Masters’ and forge their new ‘family’ with great success. They focus on learning key strategies to keep their relationship great.

  • How to grow in happiness with each other as a couple
  • How to maintain closeness, intimacy & sex
  • How to keep Dad involved both with the baby & the family as a whole
  • How to reduce arguing, fighting & hostility
  • How to be more aware of either partner developing the ‘baby blues’ or post-partum depression

And research shows that when you focus on these outcomes within your relationship, you also develop:

  • The overall quality of your relationship with your baby
  • The quality of your parent / baby interactions
  • The long-term personality development of your baby

So, there is plenty a couple can do to be sure that they’re among the 33% of new parents for whom beginning their family is a truly joyful, deeply enriching experience.

That is why we developed the ‘Bringing Baby Home’ Program.

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