Many times, we learn and teach through how people have made mistakes and we ensure we do not make those same errors to ensure a different outcome.  With this ‘Bringing Baby Home’ Video Program, we have focussed on the behaviours that HAVE been successful, that HAVE seen couples grow in love.  And it is these traits and skills that we are thrilled to share with you.

You will learn through a series of downloadable videos, workbook & card decks, all the essential skills to not only maintain your relationship as a couple, but more importantly to keep it growing as you discover & explore your new role as parents.


For $198 AUD, you get the fourteen downloadable videos that you will watch together as a couple – in your home and at your pace and the Official Gottman Workbook & Card-deck

Buy Now – $198 AUD

Topics we cover will include practical knowledge that will show you how to:

  • how to keep being interested in each other as a couple even though you now have a new ‘centre of your universe’  –  your baby!
  • how to keep making time for one another as a couple now that you are more pressed for time than you ever have been before
  • how to maintain intimacy when exhaustion and hormones will want to steer you in another direction
  • how to decrease arguing, fighting & hostility while you are trying to navigate a whole new reality
  • how to keep appreciating each other by discovering a new fondness and admiration for one another
  • Your total conversation repertoire will consist of only ONE topic – your baby!
  • The division of household chores can become the beginning of  WW3
  • Your past ‘date nights’ have turned into ‘don’t nights’

And how are you going to learn all of this?

You will watch each chapter together as a couple, then have fun with exercises at the end of the chapters that will have you laughing – learning & loving each other even more than you thought possible.

We present the topics in a fun and light hearted manner, so they are easy to watch, the exercises are super easy, and the learning will be relationship changing.  This really is a program for strong couples wishing to remain strong as they grow their family.

Many couples believe that once you fall in love, you will stay there through the strength of your initial romance. I wish that were true!

The fact is, that you have to work on having a great relationship – EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE TOGETHER! Just like going to the gym is designed to keep your body fit, doing this video workshop is designed to keep your relationship fit.

This will be the most valuable gift you will ever give to your baby. The skills you will learn through these videos & exercises will stay with you for the rest of your lives together, & more importantly, they will imprint on your baby as they grow into young adults & in turn, pass on to their OWN children.

Let us support you as you go through this amazing time of your lives together.

That is why we developed the ‘Bringing Baby Home’ Program.

Buy Now – $198 AUD